the violet hour.

Your lips are nettles. Your tongue is wine. Your laughter's liquid. But your body's pine. In the dark you tell me of a flower that only blooms in the violet hour - Sea Wolf


Ocean Advocate and Supermodel Marisa Miller

Honored at World Oceans Day Celebration

Nine years ago in Monterey, actor Paul Walker helped us celebrate World Oceans Day – sharing his personal connection with the ocean and encouraging visitors to do their part as ocean stewards.

Last Saturday, Paul’s daughter, Meadow Walker, was with us on another World Oceans Day weekend as we presented our inaugural Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award to Marisa Miller – a Santa Cruz native, supermodel, actress and surfer who, like Paul, is a passionate advocate for healthy oceans.

"I’d like to say how humbled I am to receive this award from Paul’s family," Marisa said. "Paul’s love for the ocean and efforts to help protect it, have always been a huge inspiration to me personally, so it’s a honor to receive this award in his name."

Positive ocean experiences

"I also want to thank the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I have been coming to this Aquarium since I was in grade school. It was the field trip my friends and I looked forward to the most. Having these positive experiences at a young age really paved my path to having an awareness for the ocean and its wildlife."

"I’m encouraged to see so many people here today, supporting and celebrating World Oceans Day. The Aquarium’s dedication to programs to preserve and protect our oceans is helping us all to make change."

"Since becoming a mother – my son is 17 months old – I’m appreciating more than ever how important it is to instill awareness, and encourage simple choices that have lasting positive effects."

"I hope we can all feel empowered by that fact that we can make choices and live a lifestyle that bring positive growth to our beautiful oceans. This is how Paul Walker lived his life and paved the way for future generations." 

Other ocean award winners

At the ceremonies, we also recognized one of our Teen Conservation Leaders, Ailis Dooner, with a Youth award. This weekend, we’ll present a second Paul Walker Ocean Leadership award to singer and philanthropist Jack Johnson during our 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Ocean. Paul’s brothers Cody and Caleb will be part of the event.

We’re so proud to work with the Walker family, and proud of the contributions that Marisa, Jack and Ailis are making to a future with healthy oceans.

Learn how we’re helping create healthy oceans.

Wow Ailis Dooner’s father was my chemistry teacher in high school and I didn’t know Marisa Miller was a local!!

  • 12 June 2014
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